Customised solutions
for your technical glass needs

Vitrotecs’ high-performance machinery guarantees an efficient production process and an unmatched quality of products. We continue to invest in several top-of-the-line machines to ensure a reliable and flexible production and offer our clients a personalised service. 

The services that we offer are:


Our full-automatic CNC cutting tables allow us to cut any type of glass with great speed and precision. Our flexible production process allows for an accurate production of small and large series.

Grinding, polishing and bevelling

Our top-notch double-edge grinding and bevelling machines grind, polish and bevel the edges in a fully automated process. Glass edges can have a straight finish or they can be bevelled at any custom angle.

Sand blasting

Our sandblasting cabins allow us to sandblast the glass on small or large surfaces. Whether you need a complete surface to be sandblasted or only a logo or company name added to the glass, our skilled professionals will get you a clear-cut result.


All flat, curved or folded glass can be printed with a logo, a border on the perimeter or other special shapes. Stove or fireplace glass is printed with a special heat-resistant ink.


Ecology and durability being two core focuses for our company, Vitrotec continues to invest in new processes and solutions to protect our planet.

Customised packaging

Our R&D team developed a new packaging system that consists of foldable and re-usable supports:

  • Easy & Functional: the steel supports fit on any pallet size.
  • Durable & Ecological: the supports can be reused time after time, creating zero waste.
  • Economical: the steel supports allow us to combine different sizes of glass on one pallet.
  • Ergonomic: the pallet can be placed at working height to provide ergonomic conditions.


Glass & More


We adapt packing, quantity and delivery time to each customer's needs

Highest glass quality

Ultra-clear glass, high precision and perfect finishing


Long-term partnership and integration with our customer's supply chain and inventory management

Short delivery time

Delivery possible within 24 hours

Personalised customer care

We think and act with and for our customers

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